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Things just don’t feel right in your relationship…

Struggling with your partner is despairing and exhausting.

When your relationship was new, you felt on top of the world. The sky
seemed brighter, flowers bloomed more vibrantly, and even food tasted

But now...the passage of time has taken a toll on your relationship.

It feels like you're on the brink of losing each other.

You’re having fights constantly. Your jobs keep getting in the way. Your attention is no longer on each other, and that’s creating a deep rift between you too.

What was once fresh and invigorating now feels routine, or worse: painful.
You may have thoughts like:

Solving this is important to you . This is your relationship.

You know you want things to change, you just aren't sure how...


That's where we come in..

We can help bridge that gap so you can start connecting with your partner again.

The truth is that your relationship can be repaired, you just need the right guide to help make it happen.


How Empathi Couples Counseling Can Help

When you’re stuck in the Waltz of Pain, it feels impossible to break out on your own.

Your Empathi Couples therapist will provide you with a proven roadmap to find your way out of conflict.

We get to the root cause of why your relationship is struggling, which includes tackling the underlying trauma that causes you to get caught up in defensiveness, blame, and endless cycles of conflict.

Once we heal those underlying issues, then you no longer will find yourself in the same arguments.

You’ll remember why you got together in the first place and why you have that love for another.

After couples therapy with Empathi, your relationship will be transformed

You will...

Most importantly, you’ll wake up feeling lighter, knowing that you’ve overcome hardship in your relationship which has made it stronger.

You’ll look forward to spending time with each other, and simply enjoy being with one another.

At Empathi, we’re ready to help make this a reality for you.

All it takes is reaching out.


If you’re ready to heal your relationship, we’re
here to help make it happen.

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We’re The Couples Counseling Experts That Can Help

We help couples see their relationship in a new light

At Empathi, we’re specially trained couples counsellors with one goal: To help you improve your relationship with your partner.

It’s all we do, and it’s what we’re good at!

Each of our therapists are trained to use our proprietary blend of the Empathi Method and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), which we’ve found is the best method to help couples.

Clinical research shows that 86% of couples improve after a brief period of EFT guidance, and 73% have maintained their improvements when we check back two years later.

As seen in…

New Project
New Project

But don't just take it from us!

Take it from our clients via our direct Yelp page feed.

why choose us

Why should you choose to work with us?

In short, we use the best methods and expert couples therapists!

Issues We Can Help With In Your Relationship

Division of goods & finances
Division of responsibility
Feeling more intimate with one another
Disagreements about parenting
Reducing arguments and constant conflict
Premarital counseling for couples not yet married
Finding time for each other with busy schedules
Healing from infidelity and betrayal

Frequently Asked Questions

Session fees are set with each individual counselor and based on a variety of factors. Sessions range from $150 to $350+. Empathi believes in fee transparency and, therefore, your counselor will discuss their individual fee within the initial contact and provide a Good Faith Estimate before services begin.

Empathi is a fee-for-service provider (aka self-pay). Payment is due at the time of service. We are not able to accept payment in a year long supply of strawberry rhubarb pie (as good as it is), so that option is off the table.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us. We believe in making counseling affordable for everyone whenever possible. If we are able to provide reduced fees for services we will. You will be required to fill out a Reduced Fee Request form to determine eligibility (re-application occurs every 90 days to determine ongoing eligibility).
Empathi’s counseling services are private pay (out-of-pocket) and provided by out-of-network therapists.

Depending on your health insurance plan, you may be able to submit claims for reimbursement using a Superbill we provide. Contact your health insurance provider directly to determine coverage and verify out-of-network benefits.
Empathi accepts all major credit cards. Your counselor will request your credit card information upon the initiation of counseling (within intake forms). Towards convenience, this form provides ongoing authorization for Empathi to securely store and charge your card upon each session thus reducing the need to pull out your card each session.
At the beginning of counseling, you can expect to meet with your counselor at least once per week for a duration of up to 60 minutes each session. As treatment progresses, session frequency may decrease (or increase if additional treatment is necessary).

Each person will have various goals and challenges that are defined within counseling; therefore, counseling may look different for each individual.

But Empathi’s goal is, we imagine, the same as yours—to get to a place where you no longer need our services as soon as possible!
All Empathi counseling is provided via telehealth by a counselor who is licensed in your state.
Telehealth, otherwise known as virtual or online counseling, has become an increasingly popular choice for many clients.

Telehealth refers to the use of technology to deliver mental health services remotely. It allows people who need support to connect with their counselor from the privacy of their homes via smartphones, tablets, and computers.

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