Intensive Couples Therapy
with Figs & Teale

Say goodbye to incremental change.

Intensive couples therapy = 25 weeks of progress in 1.
Plus an unhealthy dose of Figs’ Irish humor.

See results now.

Seize the day — make incredible, foundational progress in a container of 3 or 5 days.

Exit crisis mode.

Don't just make progress on the messes. Have deeply rewarding transformative experiences.

Maintain your gains.

Refresh or deepen your newfound connection with complimentary intimacy exercises and priority therapist access.

Actually have FUN.

With Figs & Teale, you can forget what you think "research-backed" & "emotionally intensive" are supposed to mean.

New Project
New Project

Figs & Teale: Wounded Healers

Discover why silicon valley’s geniuses come to this ordinary, messy, wounded couple for relationship help.

We had no business ever making love and relationship work.

Of course not! Deep down, Teale and I are just two rejected, abandoned, fucked-up little kids from broken homes.

No matter how hard we tried, every relationship failed. Making love work was my main focus and I was crap at it! 

I remember confessing to my mother on a beach in San Francisco, “I’m sorry. I am never going to make you a grandmother.” 

Most people are in a better place than we ever were to rewrite their stories.

Figs and Teale, intensive couples therapists, happy with their two children in a sunflower field.

The Empathi perspective changes everything.

A secret narrative had taken over and corrupted every one of our relationships, forcing us to recreate the pain of our childhoods… and only with EFT were we able to see it clearly.

It genuinely changed our lives.

So we got really, really good at doing it.

Teale and I are now able to offer you a more accurate, more rewarding narrative of what’s happening than either or both of your individual stories.

And here’s the magic bit: that story will trigger a multi-dimensional empathy that will be a pathway for you together through any mess.

Our intensives are the most powerful vessel for relationship transformation.

Even an amazingly compelling perspective isn’t enough on its own. 

You need to feel it in your bones

Our couples therapy is the most effective — even amongst other Emotionally-Focused Therapists — because we are expert experience-makers.

Now, Teale and I are breaking free from the limits of a weekly one-hour session.

Because if you give us 3 or 5 days, we will win.

We will take 15 years of experience just crafting emotionally huge, profoundly transformational experiences, our mastery of EFT, refined instincts, chemistry, and humor, and we will change your life.

Hosts of Empathi's intensive couples therapy retreat standing lovingly on a Hawaiian beach.

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Choose Your Couples Intensive Experience

Intensive Couples Therapy Retreat in Hawaii hosts Figs and Teale standing in front of beautiful Hawaiian mountains.

Intensive Couples Therapy Retreat in Hawaii

The deepest, most profound couples therapy experience we offer.

Intensive Couples Therapy Online

Our most convenient and efficient method of relationship transformation.

An online couples therapy intensive over zoom performed by Figs O'Sullivan.
Couple happily embracing after intensive couples therapy.

You've never seen your relationship like this.

You both actually… make sense? 

You’re on the same page. Communication is natural.

Without realizing it, you haven’t had a fight in weeks — and when you do, it’s short-lived. 

In fact, you only grow more intimate with each passing repair! 

For the first time, you know what it is to be truly safe with someone — completely supported, completely accepted. Completely loved.

Sound like a fairytale? With intensive couples therapy with Figs & Teale, it’s ordinary.

Here's how our intensive couples therapy works.

We don’t do cookie-cutter daily agendas. Our pacing is bespoke for each couple.

roadmap (1)

Map your system.

Here’s where we get to really get to know who you are, witness your living and breathing dynamic, and come to understand the cycle you get stuck in together.

You’ll leave this stage Waltz of Pain experts — able to see the dance, hear the music, and own your own steps.

Unlock empathy squared.

Only once you have a shared narrative of what’s happening — this isn’t a YOU or ME problem, it’s an US problem — will your defenses relax.

Through injury repair work big and small, you’ll learn to give and receive empathy for each other, for the little ones inside of yourselves, and for both of you together.

Soften & heal.

Successfully reaching this stage means we can now more deeply engage with each partner.

We will take turns helping you feel your deepest vulnerability and fears of reaching out for your love needs to be met, be there for each other, and take in and actually accept the love.

Stick the landing.

This is where we rewrite your love story.

By integrating the how and why of the profound healing you’ve experienced, you’ll be able to actually repeat it whenever you need to for the rest of your life.

But if that isn’t enough, we also equip you with a roadmap to further connection through intimacy building exercises and courses, check-ins, and priority Empathi therapist access.

Sue Johnson, creator of emotionally-focused couples therapy

"With Empathi, Figs has created a fun and creative way to help people feel more connected in their relationship and to become acquainted with the transformational power of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy."

Dr. Sue Johnson

Creator of Emotionally-Focused Therapy for Couples

FAQ for Couples Therapy in San Francisco

Read our San Francisco FAQ or schedule a free consult now and get answers directly!

What is intensive couples therapy?

As the name implies, intensive couples therapy is a more “intense” or concentrated form of couples therapy. Rather than doing weekly 1-hour sessions across months or years, this format gives you the chance to make huge gains in a short amount of time — usually 3-7 days.

Think of it like a workshop for that book you’ve been meaning to write for 5 years but never got around to starting. 

Intensive couples therapy is a chunk of time where all you have to do is work on your relationship — no delays, no distractions, no escape.

Sound greuling? It shouldn’t be. 

Figs and Teale take care to imbue their intensive sessions with necessary humor and lightness alongside the deeply emotional revelations. 

(Plus, there’s the snuggles to look forward to.)

Empathi’s intensive couples therapy lasts for 3 or 5 days, virtually or in-person, and is designed specifically to craft the transformative perspective shifts and profound experiences proven to create lasting change in a relationship.

couples therapy empathi
couples therapy happy couple

Who is intensive couples therapy for?

Intensive couples therapy is best for committed but high-suffering partners seeking relief as well as couples looking to enhance and deepen their emotional connection.

Couples therapy intensives can have long lasting positive effects on:

  • Emotional intimacy
  • Sexual intimacy
  • Communication
  • Conflict frequency and intensity
  • Problem-solving capacity
  • All current & future relationships.

If there is domestic violence or a threat of violence, intensive couples therapy is not right for you at this time. Seek help at

What is an intensive couple retreat?

An intensive couples retreat is intensive couples therapy performed away from the distractions and unpredictability of home, frequently at a resort or other idyllic setting.

This is the most immersive form of intensive couples therapy, and thus often the most effective.

However, it’s vital that the practices and perspectives couples learn are supported outside of the retreat setting. 

Otherwise, when future conflicts and suffering arise, couples may over-associate those profound and transformative experiences with the location they had them in. A “fluke.”

The Empathi intensive couples therapy retreat is located on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. 

When couples leave, they will not only have seen their relationship in a new light, they’ll have the tools to sustain it — with complimentary courses and exercises, a personalized relationship map, and priority Empathi therapist access.

couple kissing
happy couples therapy

Do you offer other options for couples seeking help?

Of course! Teale and I (Figs) each provide couples therapy with regular weekly sessions, and we have a talented team of counselors meticulously trained in the Empathi Method. 

Just book a free consult, and our Client Care Coordinator Xanta will help you find the right counselor for you.

If you’re not sure about therapy, we also offer:

I’m looking for something local. What is the best intensive couples therapy near me?

If you live in Hawaii or California, Empathi’s intensive in-person or online couples retreat is the best bet for your relationship.

Our research-backed and experientially refined therapeutic process (and luckily, a healthy dose of talent) makes us the best in the business — which is why we also offer coaching options for out-of-state couples seeking help.

Otherwise, we recommend you look for an experienced EFT intensive therapy practitioner near you.

empathi couples therapy

All it takes is the right next step to change everything…

Step 1

Schedule your free virtual consult.

Step 2

Meet with us & book your times.

Step 3

Show up and let us work our magic.

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