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Are Honeymoons Worth It?

Figs was recently featured in an article on Brides.com. Check out the full breakdown he gave on why honeymoons can be game-changing for couples, exclusively

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Is Couples Therapy Worth It?

To help you decide whether your relationship would benefit from couples therapy, here are some of the insights that I uncovered from the thousands of sessions I’ve facilitated.

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The Ingredients for Vulnerable Love

The truth is, people in couples therapy with me are already perfectly suited for love, intimacy, and deep connection with each other—that’s why they got together in the first place! 

Relationship Podcasts

A man pensively looking out into the sunlight.

Be The One You’ve Been Waiting For

Relationship expert and couples therapist Figs O’Sullivan gives husbands and wives a resource to feel more connected in their marriage on Empathi with Figs. No matter how strong we are,

A married couple's hands holding each other on a nature trail.

Ben and Jen in Love

Figs returns with his third installment of the Who Are You in Love Series. This time, he is joined by couple Ben and Jen and their 4 week old baby

A couple sit at a restaurant table overlooking a city, pointing in the distance.

Waiting for Ramen

Figs and Teale are 10 days past their due date, anxiously awaiting the home birth of their second child, Kian. Together they share their vulnerabilities and experiences during this time

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