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Take our short, confidential couple's therapy quiz to receive an insightful personalized report.

The Empathi Quiz Process


Take our quiz to explore your current experience of love and conflict.


Gain new perspectives about you, your partner, and your relationship.


Surrender to your true nature. Your partner is enough and so are you.


Feel more connected and gain empathy for yourself and your partner.


Learn to love and soothe each other. We all need and deserve it.


Relationship Help Is Here!

Learn how the Empathi Discovery Quiz will help you and your partner.

Why take the Empathi Quiz?

Empathi provides a complete set of resources and services for the relationship guidance you need!
Take our short, confidential couples therapy quiz to learn about your relationship strategies, and receive these complimentary tools:
Self-Discovery Reports

Individualized reports for you and your partner share key relationship insights.

Relationship Report

A personalized report outlining the steps you should take for a better relationship.

Hints and Exercises

Regular emails tailored to you and your partner provide valuable relationship aids.

Exclusive Offers

Get special discounts and deals on Empathi courses and relationship counseling.

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Quiz FAQs

The Empathi Discovery Quiz was created as an alternative access point to Empathi’s relationship-healing wisdom, but the truth is, no self-help tools will be as effective or as efficient as the one-on-one guidance of a trained Empathi counselor.

To discover how we use these tools in coaching with one of our therapists, schedule a free consult.

Yes! You can retake the couple’s therapy quiz and it will update your reports with your new answers. When you’re logged in, click Settings, then select Retake Quiz. To get the most out of your reports, when you retake the quiz, take your time and just be as honest as you possibly can.

Empathi can help you no matter what your current relationship status is!

Although this initial launch of the Empathi Quiz speaks to a “couples experience,” you can still participate fully in the self-discovery process. When you take the quiz, have one important past relationship in mind. 

To take it a step further and examine your former relationship system, invite your “partner” using a second email that you own, click the link in that invite, and then complete the quiz in the mind frame of your ex. This can be tricky, but just do your best. It’s not the same as getting the details from the real person, but we think it’s still possible to create a framework and use the reports as a tool to examine that past relationship through a more empathetic lens. The two completed quizzes activate the relationship report.

As a single person, you’ll also get a lot of value by listening to Figs’ podcast Come Here To Me, reading his articles, signing up for his online course, joining his membership group, and taking his in-person workshops.

After you take the quiz and are logged in, you can send an invite to your partner from your Dashboard, which you can find under your name in the Empathi header. There you will see Your Relationship Roadmap with tools to help you . Under Discover click Invite Partner. From the Invite page, add your partner’s email and a personal message, and then click Send Invitation.

Your partner will receive an email with a custom URL that links your Empathi accounts once your partner completes the quiz and creates an account.

Click the Sign In button in the header above. On the sign in page, click the Forgot Password? link. Then enter the email address you used when you created your account to receive instructions for resetting your password.

We recommend that you invite your partner to take the quiz.

In couples therapy the most important first task is to help a couple see that their relationship problems are systemic problems, not just one partner’s issues (as is commonly believed).

After your partner takes the Empathi Quiz, we combine your answers to provide you both with your own personalized Relationship System Report. You and your partner can then see your relationship through a new perspective and learn how to feel more connected to each other.

You are in this relationship together. And you can make it better together.

We will miss you! But …

To unsubscribe, first login and then from your personalized menu click Settings. When you are on the Settings page, click Notifications and then “uncheck” the email you want to unsubscribe from.

For the Empathi Prompts, we recommend that instead of unsubscribing, just reduce the frequency. The Prompts are an Empathi fan favorite for staying connected.

If you no longer wish to read your combined Relationship Report or receive email tips referencing your co-quiz-taker, visit Settings, select the Decouple tab, and click the Decouple button. Your Relationship Report will be deleted.

This action cannot be undone.

You will now be able to take the quiz with a new partner or enjoy the Empathi self-discovery process.

No. We will never share or sell your data with third parties. Our motivation in sharing this FREE Quiz and relationship discovery process with you is simple: we want to provide you with value so you will turn to us when you are in need of help or guidance in the future. That is all!

Love Matters!

We know how love works and can make your relationship better.

Or take the Conflict Solution Course
and discover a better way to love.

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