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Couples Counseling
Marriage Counseling
Marriage Counseling in San Francisco
Marriage Counseling in San Jose
Marriage Counseling in Palo Alto
Marriage Counseling in Menlo Park
Marriage Counseling in Sunnyvale
Marriage Counseling in Santa Clara
Marriage Counseling in Marin County
Marriage Counseling in Sacramento
Marriage Counseling in Berkeley
Marriage Counseling in Oakland
Marriage Counseling in Santa Rosa
Couples Counseling in San Francisco
Couples Counseling in San Jose
Couples Counseling in Palo Alto
Couples Counseling in Menlo Park
Couples Counseling in Sunnyvale
Couples Counseling in Santa Clara
Couples Counseling in Marin County
Couples Counseling in Sacramento
Couples Counseling in Berkeley
Couples Counseling in Oakland
Couples Counseling in Santa Rosa

If you’re trying to get it right…
Your Proficiencies are the Enemy of Intimacy
Your need for love is not a weakness
It doesn’t matter who started it!
Your longing for perfection is the enemy
Stop avoiding conflict!
Stop blaming your partner for all your flippin’ pain.
Stop bitchin’ and start connecting!
The way you talk about the problem is the problem.
EFT and the Empathi Process Woke Me Up!
Love Matters
Waiting For Ramen
Sex Life in Long Term Relationship
Ben and Jen in Love
Ben Reebs in Love
How the Empathi Process Woke Me Up as a Single Woman
Figs on The Couch // That Relationship Show
Birth Prep Part 1 with Figs & Teale
Figs & Teale PreBirth Part 2
Figs and Teale’s first video together
Emotional Bonding Styles
Built For Love
The Magic is in the Repair
Be The One You’ve Been Waiting For

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