Figs O'Sullivan

Figs O'Sullivan

Figs & Teale Birth Prep Part 1

Figs sits down with his pregnant wife, Teale (due in 3-5 weeks!) and together they share a special, intimate chat to prepare for the birth of their second child, Kian!

Figs asks Teale three questions. These can be applied to any major relationship debate, thought, fear, or issue:

  • What are your longings fears, thoughts, excitements?
  • What can you do to support yourself if any of the fears or thoughts that are difficult come up?
  • What can I do to support you?

The task is: Can you take 30 minutes with your partner, take turns and answer these questions and really listen to each other?

Just as Teale experienced in her emotional and beautiful sharing, you might notice that your vulnerable parts show up. Take this as an opportunity to really show some empathy for yourself and your partner. Figs provides an important reminder: that everybody has an outrageous place, where they don´t feel so loveable. So give yourself permission to have impulses and reactions and recognize the resource you have inside and outside yourself. Together these places are you and your partner’s medicine. Maybe you too can discovery you rpartner as a resource you can turn to when you are most in need of support.


Check out Fig article, A Father Grace, which he wrote about the experience of the birth of their daughter, Grace.

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