The Magic is in the Repair...

The Magic is in the Repair

On today episode, Figs welcomes a very special guest, Teale Taxis, aka the better half in Figs’ marriage. Teale is also a San Francisco based Couples Therapist and the mother of their 3 year old daughter. She is due with their 2nd child (a boy) this summer. Together they share their own struggles and moments of disconnection and how they work through them. As successful relationship experts, Teale and Figs recognize that ALL relationships, including their own, are hard work because love and connection matter to everyone. Everyone is guaranteed to have moments of conflict. Ultimately, the magic in relationship is in the repair: in surrendering to the process of feeling the pain and understanding how we both make sense.

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Figs is the creator of the Empathi method and the certification process for Empathi coaches. He’s also Chief Empathi Officer, husband, dad, wounded-healer and was featured on NPR’s All Things Considered as a champion for healthy relationships. Figs’ life’s mission is to help couples feel more connected.

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