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“We´re Figs and Teale, the founders of Empathi. We´re also husband and wife, so working on relationships is not just a job, it´s our way of life. We´re dedicated to making sure everybody gets the support they need.

“We´re Figs and Teale, the founders of Empathi. We´re also husband and wife, so working on relationships is not just a job, it´s our way of life. We´re dedicated to making sure everybody gets the support they need.

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The Empathi Team

Fiachra "Figs" O'Sullivan

Chief Empathi Officer
Chief Empathi Officer, Husband, dad, wounder-healer and featured on NPR´s All Things Considered as a champion for healthy relationships.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, certified in EFT for couples. He´s the creator of the Empathi method and the certification process for Empathi coaches. His life´s mission is to help couples feel more connected.

Teale O'Sullivan


Teale has a special focus on cultural sensitivity, parenting, and how to prevent and repair affairs and other relationship injuries. She loves working with people to facilitate their greater sense of self-acceptance and capacity to experience joy and connection.

Romona Mukherjee


Dancer, yogi, and evolutionary guide. With a degree from Columbia University and 10+ years of experience as a mindfulness-based coaching in NYC and now the San Francisco Bay Area. Her mission is to help individuals evolve into their fullest selves, and couples evolve into their best relationship.

Ford Peck


A gentle man who walks the talk, a loyal long-time partner in a committed relationship. Ford is a certified teacher and senior trainer in iRest, helping train coaches and therapists in this somatic healing practice. He is also certified in yoga therapy and SHEN therapy for emotional healing. Ford's passion is helping clients find fulfilling connection with themselves and in their relationships.

Sabrina Curtis-Perkins


Warm, down to earth and candid, Sabrina believes that we all have the capacity to bring our full selves to life and to love. She supports clients with discovering how to show up with authenticity, honesty, and courageous vulnerability, both as individuals and within the deeply meaningful connection of partnership. Sabrina’s style is rooted in compassionate curiousity, as she supports clients with discovering the best version of themselves.

Karen Gordon


Karen is skilled at helping couples understand the painful cycle of conflict they’re stuck in and guiding them back to safety, connection, and love. She is known by her clients for offering direct and honest feedback with love, warmth, and humor. Karen specializes in working with couples and individuals dealing with relationship issues. She is trained in Gottman Couples work and has intensive training in EFT for Couples.

Gen Fulton


Gen upholds transparency, empathy and curiosity as core tenets to a loving partnership. She recently completed Somatic Experiencing Practitioner training, a mind-body approach to healing trauma that may increase one’s ability to manage stress. Specialized and passionate, Gen has helped individuals and couples increase a sense of their own well-being and find inner resources to cope better in the world.

Catherine Wohlwend


Catherine's highest value is to honor each person's innate humanity. Ever-present as a coach, Catherine ensures her clients have a companion as they ride the waves of their emotions, be that joy or pain. She practices what she preaches; incorporating self-compassion into her daily life, so she can return that presence of self and kindness to her clients. Catherine works with both individuals and couples. She has a special interest in helping individuals struggling with perfectionism, as well as working with blended families.

Ashley Brady


Ashley is a Bay Area native. She is passionate about fostering resiliency in her clients which include families, couples, and individuals. She has a breadth of experience working in all levels of care. Ashley will hold space for your feelings in a non-judgmental and collaborative way. At her core, she can be described as a guiding heart with big ears.

Lauren Williams


As an individual and couples coach, Lauren collaborates with clients in the brave work of tuning into underlying feelings to facilitate authentic connection and a sense of being more fully alive. Lauren brings openness, curiosity, and genuineness to her healing work and is sensitive to each client's unique needs and life experiences.

Stefanie Bond


Artist, animal lover, and impassioned mentor. Stefanie’s calling is to guide others in building greater capacities for challenging emotions so their lives can pulse with vitality and relationships thrive with connection. She completed the Somatic Experiencing Practitioner training, an effective mind-body approach aimed to improve symptoms of stress. Chronic pain and addiction recovery are some of Stefanie’s notable specializations.


Empathi creature
Relentless Lover

Jo is an imaginal being in service to you and your partner, to reflect back relationship behaviors in a fun, engaging, and non-threatening way. Jo embodies the set of human emotions, judgments, and strategies commonly used by people the emotional bonding style we call the Relentless Lover. By providing an external focus for you and your partner in the Empathi Exploration Quiz, Reports and Courses, Jo hopes you will be able to see your relationship behaviors with more clarity and self-compassion.


Empathi creature
Reluctant Lover

Just like Jo, Pat is an imaginal being in service to your relationship, although from the perspective of the common emotional bonding style we call the Reluctant Lover. Pat also reviews your answers to the Empathi Exploration Quiz and helps reflect back ways of being in love, because sometimes it is easier to see ourselves from an outside perspective. Pat has a deeply poignant way of illustrating relationship behaviors—and might even help you have a good laugh or two at yourself!

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